ICSID: Colombia Nears Venezuela

Colombia, Mexico, Peru have more pending cases than Argentina.

Latin America M&As Plunge 69%

Announced mergers and acquisitions in Brazil drop 70 percent.

Mexico: President More Radical, Investor-Hostile

Mexican president increasingly more radical and investor-hostile.

Latin America: Profits Plunge on Pemex

While Brazil, Colombia state oil companies lead profits in Latin America.

Latin America Energy & Projects: The COVID-19 Impact

The COVID-19 impact on Latin America’s energy and infrastructure projects.

Latin America’s Top 100 Lawyers

Latinvex singles out the top foreign lawyers in Latin America.

Latin America M&As: The COVID-19 Impact

The COVID-19 impact on Latin America M&As and the outlook this year.

Brazil & COVID-19: Law Firms Refocus

Finance, regulatory, restructuring work helps offset less offers, M&As.

COVID-19 & Latin America: More Arbitration

Coronavirus crisis likely to boost Latin American arbitration and litigation cases.

Latin America: Top International Law Firms

The top international law firms in Latin America.

Latin America: Top 100 Female Lawyers

The top female lawyers specializing in Latin America.

Latin America’s Rising Legal Stars

Latinvex selects the top 50 rising legal stars in Latin America.

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