Latin America Energy & Projects: The COVID-19 Impact

Colombia’s recent entry to OECD will help attract additional energy investors, experts say. (Photo: Colombia's Oil and Mining Ministry)

Maria-Leticia Ossa Daza,  Jorge Kamine and Maria Isabel Nieto, Willkie. (Latinvex collage)

The COVID-19 impact on Latin America’s energy and infrastructure projects.


What is the overall impact on energy and infrastructure projects in Latin America as a result of COVID-19 and the oil price decline? What is the outlook after the pandemic? Which countries have the best potential after the pandemic?

Latinvex asked three experts: Maria-Leticia Ossa Daza, head of the Latin America practice at Willkie Jorge Kamine, a Willkie partner with broad experience across the energy industry and Maria Isabel Nieto, Willkie’s Director for Latin America Strategy.

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