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  1. Guyana Challenge: Managing Growth of Oil Sector
    Perspectives, 28 of September 2022
    The checks and balances implemented are closely tied to the executive branch. BY ENERGY ADVISORInte...

  2. Latin America’s Top 100 Lawyers (2022): T-W
    People, 23 of May 2022
    FRANCE M. TENAILLEPartner, Co-Leader, Latin America and Cuba TeamsGowlings France Tenaille is the c...

  3. Latin America’s Top 100 Lawyers (2022): P-S
    People, 23 of May 2022
    LARRY B. PASCALCo-Chair, International Practice GroupHaynes and Boone   Larry B. Pascal serve...

  4. Southern Caribbean Energy & Ukraine War
    Perspectives, 10 of May 2022
    Geopolitical realignments and the Southern Caribbean energy matrix. BY GEORGES A. FAURIOL AND SCO...

  5. Latin America: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
    Perspectives, 9 of March 2022
    Winners and losers among Latin America’s industry sectors and countries. BY JOHN PRICE On Februar...

  6. Guyana: The Next United Arab Emirates?
    Perspectives, 23 of February 2022
    Guyana should follow Abu Dhabi-like policies for its development. BY ARTHUR DEAKIN In late January...

  7. Illicit Gold Mining in Ecuador
    Perspectives, 2 of February 2022
    As govt looks to ramp up mining, it faces activity from criminal groups. BY SCOTT B. MACDONALD AND ...

  8. Latin America's Top 100 Female Lawyers (2021): T-Y
    People, 13 of October 2021
      T ALISON TANCHYKPartner,Morgan LewisMiami-based Alison Tanchyk handles government and int...

  9. Latin America's Top 100 Female Lawyers (2021): G-L 
    People, 13 of October 2021
      GJOY GALLUPPartnerPaul Hastings Joy Gallup is a partner in the Latin America and Corpo...

  10. Guyana & The Green Energy Transition
    Perspectives, 7 of September 2021
    Guyana’s light oil is easier to extract and refine and releases less carbon emissions. BY ARTHUR DE...

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