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TRIVINO FAVORITE: The Villa Maria in Mexico City.
Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Road Warrior

Road Warrior: Carlos Triviño, Mobility Global

Carlos Triviño, President and CEO of Mobility Global, on his favorite restaurants and hotels in Latin America.


Based in Miami, Carlos Triviño, President and CEO of Mobility Global, travels frequently to Latin America on business. Latinvex asked him to share his favourite restaurants and hotels.

What are your favorite restaurants in Latin America?

In Mexico, the Villa Maria. It has Mexican food. It’s very good, and also has very good service, a good environment to talk about business or simply to talk with customers right there. In Colombia, the Criterion. It has exellent food, international food, and one of the most important chefs in the country.

What are your favorite hotels in Latin America?

I use the old Nikko (now Hyatt Regency) and the JW Marriott in Mexico City. The Hyatt Regency is the most central hotel [and] offers everything to customers. It’s very well located in city. In Colombia, the JW Marriott . It's a very new hotel [and] I like the location. It’s close to everybody in Bogota.

What do you like most about traveling in Latin America?

I like the people. To be able return to our roots, to interact with people.  Everybody speaks Spanish, but they have different styles. Not only in negotiations, but also in the culture.  

What do you like the least?

The airports. It’s stressful to arrive at airport 2 hours before. The security checkpoints. Every day it’s a more complicated process.

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