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An overview of the most popular content in Latinvex the past decade.
Monday, June 27, 2022
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Latinvex Turns Ten: Most Popular Content

The most popular content in Latinvex during the past decade.


Our rankings have consistently been the most popular content during the past ten years. They include the top 500 companiestop law firmstop lawyerstop female lawyerstop M&A advisorsrising legal stars, and M&A and ICSID advisors.

However, our special reports, analysis and commentary have also garnered much attention.

Here are the most popular articles by editorial category.


Trump & Latin America: What Next? November 15, 2016.

Border Tax: Mexico Sanctions of $29 Bln? March 29, 2017


The Other Panama, April 27, 2016


Led by Shining Star, Brazil Business Council Gains Traction, November 27, 2017

Latinvex Female Lawyers: The Standout Firms, May 29, 2019

Latin America’s Female Business Leaders, April 1, 2013


Panama Richest Country in Latin America, May 23, 2018

Highest Latin America Taxes: Brazil, Argentina, September 25, 2012

Latin America M&As: Top Law Firms, January 12, 2022

Latin America: Uncertain Political Outlook, November 17, 2021

Latin America: FCPA Cases Grow, February 28, 2018


Latin America Crowdfunding: Strong Potential, May 23, 2016

Mexico Corruption: Will AMLO Help Enforcement?, July 18, 2018

Ecuador & Panama Papers: Oily Payments, June 20, 2016


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