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Mexican state oil company Pemex again leads all losses on the Latinvex 500. (Photo: Pemex)
Thursday, June 11, 2020
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Latin America: Profits Plunge on Pemex

While Brazil, Colombia state oil companies lead profits in Latin America.


Latin America’s top 500 companies suffered a 30 percent decline in profits thanks in large part to record losses at Mexican state oil company Pemex, according to the latest Latinvex 500.  The ranking uses data from individual companies and Economatica.

Pemex is once again the worst performer, with its losses higher than all the other 71 money-losing companies on the Latinvex 500.

In contrast, the state oil companies of Brazil (Petrobras) and Colombia (Ecopetrol) led the way in profits on the ranking.

All in all, the Latinvex 500 saw profits of ...

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