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Skadden and Baker & McKenzie advised Unilever's purchase of Quala business, which includes haircare and skin cleansing, male haircare and styling, oral care and fabric conditioners.  (Photo: Quala)
Skadden also successfully advised its client Avianca Holdings in litigation brought by its second-largest shareholder, Kingsland Holdings. (Photo: Avianca)
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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Skadden, Baker & McKenzie Advise on Quala Deal

Skadden also scores US court victory for client Avianca.


Skadden and Baker & McKenzie advised on the deal between Anglo-Dutch household-product giant Unilever and Colombia-based consumer goods company Quala.

Meanwhile, Skadden scored a US court victory for its client Avianca in connection with its dispute with minority shareholder Kingsland.

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