Oil, Mining Boost Colombia Law Business

Colombia's growing oil sector is spurring more legal business. (Photo: Colombia's Energy and Mining Ministry)

Martin Carrizosa from Prietocarrizosa and Jose Francisco Mafla and Robert Kuster from Brigard & Urrutia.

Steady economic growth, rising middle class and regional integration boosts Colombia legal sector. 


BOGOTA -- Record foreign investment in the oil and mining sectors and the creation of a regional economic trading bloc along with a rising middle class are driving business in Colombia’s legal sector, top lawyers in the South American nation say. 

Colombia’s economy, the fifth largest in Latin America, grew at an unexpectedly strong 4.2 percent in the second quarter, year-on-year.  

“We have not felt less activity than when we all believed that the economy was booming say a year-and-a half ago or so,” says Martin Carrizosa, founding partner at Prietocarrizosa, one of Colombia’s largest law firms. “Keeping us busy is the...

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