Compensation Costs: Brazil Leads Americas

Brazil has higher compensation costs for managers than the United States and Canada. (Photo: Conselho Regional de Administração de São Paulo)

Brazilian manager compensation costs higher than in the US and Canada.


Brazil continues to have the highest compensation costs for managers in the Americas, according to a Latinvex analysis of new data from consulting firm Mercer.

The costs in Brazil are not only higher than in the United States and Canada but also nearly twice as much as in Mexico.

However, when it comes to compensation costs for senior professionals, Brazil lags the United States and Canada but leads in Latin America, according to Mercer data for 13 countries in the Americas.

The data shows that six Latin American countries now have higher compensation costs for managers than both the United States and Canada.

Apart from Brazil, the countries are...

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Compensation costs in US, Canada and 11 LatAm countries for managers and senior professionals

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