Latin America 2013: Macro Outlook

Paraguay, here represented by capital Asuncion, will likely see Latin America's highest economic growth rate this year. (Photo: Reinhard Jahn)

The GDP and inflation outlook this year in 19 Latin American countries.


Latin America will see big macro economic differences this year, with Paraguay and El Salvador representing the two extremes. The first, with an estimated GDP growth of 11 percent and the latter only a 2 percent economic expansion.

Similarly, when it comes to inflation, Venezuela will have the highest rate: 28.9 percent, which is more than ten times that of Peru, the country that will likely see the lowest rise in consumer prices this year.

All in all, Latin America’s economies will outperform the global average this year, but inflation will also be higher than the world average.

The combined GDP of Latin America is expected to grow by ...

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