Bribes: Mexico, Colombia Worse Than Brazil

More than a million people protested on Sunday against corruption at Petrobras and in Brazil. Here a rally in capital Brasilia. (Photo: Jose Cruz/Agencia Brasil)

Colombia last week arrested seven suspects accused of a $800,000 bribe scheme involving Ecopetrol and PetroTiger. (Photo:Dvalencia)

Mexico and Colombia rank worse than Brazil in irregular payments and bribes.


While the corruption scandal at Brazilian state oil producer Petrobras appears to grow every day, Brazil is not the only Latin American country hurt by bribes.

According to an executive opinion survey from the World Economic Forum, ten other countries – including Mexico – rank worse when it comes to irregular payments and bribes.

The survey asked respondents to rank how common it is for firms to make undocumented extra payments or bribes in connection with awarding of public contracts and licenses, imports and exports; public utilities; annual tax payments and obtaining favorable judicial decisions.


While it is no surprise that Venezuela ranked at the bottom, a country like..

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