AIG: Strong Latin America Growth

AIG expects to benefit from the recent energy and telecommunications reforms in Mexico, here represented by capital Mexico City. (Photo: Travellete)

Jim Dwane, AIG’s president and CEO for Latin America: The opportunity for the insurance industry in Latin America exceeds the industry’s ability to absorb it. (Photo: AIG)

Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia key growth markets for US insurer.


US-based insurance giant AIG is seeing strong growth in Venezuela and Argentina despite the economic problems in those countries.

“We have vibrant, thriving operations in both Venezuela and Argentina,” says Jim Dwane, AIG’s president and CEO for Latin America.

Meanwhile, Brazil and Colombia are also helping drive growth. Along with Mexico, they represent AIG’s top three markets in Latin America and are among nine strategic markets for AIG globally.


Both Venezuela and Argentina are expected ...

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