Latin America: The Challenges for Female Lawyers

Francesca Odell, Partner at Cleary Gottlieb, on women under-represented at law firms: "We’ve had a hard time breaking past that. But that’s no reason to stop trying.” (Photo: Cleary Gottlieb)

Mary Rose Brusewitz, Strasburger; Silvia Fazio, Chadbourne & Parke; Amy Kyle, Bingham and Antonia Stolper, Shearman & Sterling.

A closer look at the challenges for female lawyers in Latin America.


Female lawyers continue to be under-represented, both at major international law firms dealing with Latin America and law firms based in the region.

“Female lawyers are often a minority when it comes to meetings and negotiations with senior business people [and] they are a minority in terms of achieving partnership positions in law firms,” says Silvia Fazio, a partner at Chadbourne & Parke who divides her time between Sao Paulo and London.

The under-representation applies to Latin America’s business and politics in general, she points out. “Despite the fact that region now has several female presidents, prime ministers and a growing number of CEOs in large corporations, I believe the challenges are still related to the lack of representation of women both in business and politics,” Fazio says. “In most Latin American countries, we have a greater population of women than men, but women take part in less than 10 percent of decision making positions both in business and politics.”

Women in Latin America who aspire to be lawyers ...

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