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To become zumba it is essential to turn congressional gridlock into a governance crisis, which will lead to a default that will bring us closer to Argentina, the author points out. (Photo: US Congress)
Wednesday, October 9, 2013

America Goes ZUMBA

With the government shutdown, the US replicates Latin America’s worst traits.


While we had all been alerted by Professor Samuel P. Huntington on the challenges to American identity posed by and unwavering surge of unassimilated immigration, nobody ever discussed the perils of cultural transplantation.

And the day has come when our political elite apparently tired of living in an orderly country “founded by British settlers who held a distinct culture and way of life that included the English language; a dissenting version of Protestant Christianity, a love for freedom; and a respect for the rule of law” has decided to go zumba.

After all, neighbors south of the Rio Grande seem to have a better time than Americans. Indeed they live in countries where life is a gigantic adventure park full of inexpugnable traffic jams; rampant and freewheeling organized crime and colorful corruption to make every single day a crash course on survival.

Those countries have been fully operational ever since that Italian navigator had the idea of going west to reach China. But they have figured out the way to preserve economic underdevelopment; political slavery and social fragmentation.

Ennui has thus been vanquished from these lands, as economic problems and political dilemmas are unsolvable. That compares favorably to the US challenges that have more to do with silly adjustments to finance regulation; accounts matching so that the budget balances and industrial redeployment in light of the pervasive presence of the Internet.

Going zumba is thus the best way to adequate to the rest of hemisphere. To become zumba it is essential to turn congressional gridlock into a governance crisis; the mild recovery into a depression and to hold the regulatory process for the financial sector so that taxpayers can bail out bad banking bets forever.

This course of action will lead to a default that will bring us closer to Argentina; unleash an inflation that guarantees access to the promising economic path of Venezuela; install social violence like in Haiti while overvaluing our currency like Brazil.

And all we need to do to achieve this degree of assimilation is to keep the current government shutdown for two more weeks.  See how easy it is to zumba!!!

Beatrice Rangel is CEO of AMLA Consulting Group, a business development advisory firm in Miami. She wrote this column for Latinvex.

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