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Costa Rican law firms are eagerly following government plans to reform labor laws before May 2014. Here Costa Rica's labor ministry. (Photo: Lex.mercurio)
Humberto Pacheco, Senior Partner of Pacheco Coto  and Carolina Flores  of Arias & Muñoz.
Wednesday, September 4, 2013
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Regionalization Helps Costa Rica Law Firms

Central America-wide services helps boosts business at Costa Rican law firms.


SAN JOSE -- Regionalization has offered Costa Rican law firms opportunities for growth as well as a hedge for difficult economic times, according to top lawyers in the Central American country.

"Multinationals are looking for a law firm that can provide services for them across the entire region and this led us to look into Central America once we had finished the three foreign offices that we wanted”, says Humberto Pacheco, Senior Partner of Pacheco Coto one of the first law firms that opened in Costa Rica.

Three times...

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