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Jose Orlando, CEO of Global Life at Zurich Latin America. (Photo: Zurich)
Monday, April 8, 2013
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Latin America: Zurich Premiums Jump

Jose Orlando, CEO of Global Life at Zurich Latin America, talks to Latinvex about the company's strong growth last year and outlook this year.


Zurich saw Latin America gross written premiums and policy fees from external customers grow by 58.5 percent last year to $2.7 billion.

“The global context favors the development and growth of Latin America,” says Jose Orlando, CEO of Global Life at Zurich Latin America. The region experienced a significant take-off during the last years -- despite the international crisis -- and we believe that this development will continue in the years to come. Today, the world is avid for the resources Latin America may provide (food, energy, highly qualified human resources.) A growing number of people are joining the formal economy due to the upward social mobility: we are witnessing the emergence of a broader middle class, particularly in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.”

Meanwhile, Latin America has also seen ...

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From: Firoj

Latin American crash ???? Probably I'm wrong but actually I like the chart of Brasil: long ctonolidaoisn after parabolic rise, not crash, then it could resume up - this could also be the pattern for the other two (Brasil acting as forerunner ..). Anyway nobody knows the future and I will calmly wait the break of your long or short entry level before any action. Thanks for your work !!

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