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Squire Sanders advised US-based First Solar, which acquired Solar Chile in January. (Photo: First Solar)
Venezuelan mall developer Sambil, which opened a megamall in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic in November, is a Squire Sanders client. (Photo: Sambil)
Monday, March 25, 2013
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Dominican Republic Boosts Squire Sanders

Energy and the Dominican Republic are helping Squire Sanders’ Latin America business.


Growing business in the Dominican Republic is helping boost Squire Sanders’ revenues in Latin America. The US law firm is also seeing growth in Mexico and continued demand in Brazil, according to Paul O’Hop, the Washington, DC-based partner who serves as the firm’s Regional Coordinator for Latin America.

The law firm has an office in Dominican capital Santo Domingo – its only direct presence in Latin America – which includes managing partner Alejandro Peña-Prieto, partners Pedro Gamundi and Awilda Alcantara, of counsel Flavio Espinal and 14 associates.

Peña-Prieto is also one of the three members on the Steering Committee of the Squire Sanders Latin American Practice Group.

In addition, Squire Sanders ...

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