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Rio police training for security during the Olympics. (Photo: Clarice Castro)
Rio de Janeiro will host the finals of the 2014 World Cup in soccer an the 2016 Summer Olympics. (Photo: Embratur)
Wednesday, October 17, 2012
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Rio de Janeiro Security Outlook

Will Rio de Janeiro be safe enough for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics?


Rio de Janeiro is less than two years away from hosting the key final game of the 2014 World Cup in soccer which will be followed by the Summer Olympics two years later.

However, Rio still remains one of the most dangerous cities in Brazil and in Latin America.
“Common street crime and muggings remain prevalent and thus require foreign visitors to Rio de Janeiro to stay vigilant,” says Christopher T. Clark, a senior consultant of Operational Risk Management at UK-based Control Risks. “All foreign visitors should take the time to prepare prior to visiting Rio de Janeiro, to ensure they are aware of key risks in order to avoid becoming a victim of a crime.”

Rio de Janeiro has recently suffered from a wave of robberies and holdups at restaurants and hotels, hardly the experience tourists are looking for.The city continues to experience high incidences of crime,” warns the US State Department. “Tourists are particularly vulnerable to street thefts and robberies in the evening and at night especially in areas adjacent to major tourist attractions. There have been attacks, including shootings, along trails leading to the famous Corcovado Mountain and in other parts of the Tijuca Forest.”

As a result, foreign observers are asking if Rio de Janeiro will be safe enough for the two sporting events.

Eduardo Sampaio, Senior Managing Director at the Brazil office of US-based FTI Consulting and a leading expert on Brazilian security, is clear: “I am  ...

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