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Steven Donziger on remediation: You have to go to Correa and put an end to this sh... once and for all. (Photo: Crude outtake)
Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chevron & Ecuador: In Their Own Words

Select quotes from Steven Donziger and Chevron in the Ecuador case.


Memorable quotes from US attorney Steven Donziger and Chevron in the 21-year legal case over Ecuador contamination.

Steven Donziger

The play book for this type of case was not taught in law school, because such a case had never existed.
Steven Donziger, in a proposal for a new book  that was never completed.

This was not a case for gentleman lawyers or academics. In a highly charged macho culture, this has become a flat-out street brawl.
Steven Donziger in private notes, after the plaintiffs boosted their inspections in the Amazon

Some days, I fantasize about putting my hands around Reis Veiga’s neck and squeezing until he begs for mercy.
Steven Donziger in 2006 on Chevron’s Latin America legal advisor Ricardo Reis Veiga

You have to go to Correa and put an end to this shit once and for all.
Steven Donziger’s order to his Ecuador-based legal team after President Rafael Correa announced a remediation.


We’re going to fight this until hell freezes over, and then we’ll fight it on the ice.
Chevron spokesman Donald Campbell

You give into a Donziger, and God knows who comes out of the woodwork to make claims.
A Chevron public relations person

Source: Paul M Barrett, Law of the Jungle, Crown Publishers

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