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Bryan Cave partners Pedro Martinez-Fraga and Ryan Reetz bullish on Latin America business.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
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Latin America Arbitration Growing

Arbitration an attractive alternative to multi-country laws in Latin America.


The use of arbitration in Latin America is growing significantly, experts say.

“Arbitration in Latin America is growing exponentially by every objective metric and criterion,” says Pedro Martinez-Fraga,
co-leader of the Bryan Cave’s International Arbitration Team.  “In both international commercial arbitration, and treaty-based (investor-state arbitration) Latin America plays a pivotal role. Economic development in most countries and social and political reforms in others have spawned considerable need for arbitration to serve as the language of cross-border dispute resolution in this area of the world.”

Ryan Reetz,
managing partner of Bryan Cave’s new Miami office, agrees.  “Just as international business involving Latin America is booming, international arbitration involving Latin America is booming,” he says.  “The ...

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